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Projects and Installations


Projects & Valuations

Our facilities are made to order and custom. Send us your project or proposal and our Technical Department will prepare a study according to your needs and which is off the optimal value for the number of units and features requested.


At present , we are working on several functional proposal studies about a Renting and Parking Point system (RPP) for bycicles in several Spanish cities and specially, on  the ones which have operative biceberg installations.

We are using and obtaining data from the following sources for the development of the studies:

- Planned proposals and mobility programmes.

- Present and on work cycle lanes network.

-Surveys to users in different places, streets, shopping centres and transport  exchange.

Furthermore, the following matters are taken into consideration:

- Providing and facilitating  an individual and sustainable transport system, by means of the flexible and expandable  networked installation of renting and parking system of bycicles. 

- System amortization means.

- Compatibility with other cards (transport, parking,etc.)

- Compatibility with the present bicebergs.

In general terms, the inicial studies consider the installation of 15 to 20 Renting and Parking Points (RPP) with rental bycicles . More than 4.500 daily movements are to be expected. We should add the ones made with  a private bycicle and parked in the system. Besides, the increase expected making compatible the present bicebergs to the renting and parking service.


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