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Application / Installation


The basic dimensions of the installation are 7.0 m. diameter and a maximum height of 1.80 m. The access space and the level floor of the platform allow bicycles of up to 1.20 m. in height and with handlebars of 80 cm to be parked. The installation includes the supply and assembly of the system, servicing and the necessary elements for its management.

b-igloo includes all the systems required for identification and control during bicycle loading/removal, via radar systems and artificial vision. Software developed with high-level computer languages allows the use of broadband communications to control the history of operations, monitoring and control of images, checking of alarms, modification of data in the memory, the state of the container cells and to perform a series of general tests to check on the state of the installation, remotely and in real time.

The user interface is simple and intuitive. It includes graphic monitors, which give permanent information regarding the state of the system and the network. The use of RFID cards facilitates the speed of operations thanks to remote recognition and software developed to forecast the operation to be carried out.

Technical characteristics and options


  • Capacity: 24 units
  • Dimensions: 700 cm. Ø, 180 cm. H.
  • Access dimensions: 800 cm. x 1200 cm.
  • Maximum power : 1100 W
  • Voltage: 220/240 V. 50 Hz
  • Anti-vandal protection G1G2 and G3 reinforced with steel
  • Server connection: 3G/GPRS
  • Management: Parking / Rental / Mixed %
  • User access: RFID card and others on demand
  • Load recognition:
    • Microwave radar
    • Artificial vision, CCD
    • TAC RFID
  • Other security devices:
    • Reopening of door F<150 N
    • Mechanical blocking when not in use
    • Uninterrupted power supply
    • Alarm and communication   3G/GPRS
  • Web page for users activation and network management
  • Specifications can be varied or increased at request

A new way of getting the message across

b-igloo includes features which endeavour to respond to the pressing needs of Government Authorities to find private partners who can supply much-needed funds for development, linking their product to the promotion of a highly-valued means of transport as is the bicycle in terms of sustainable mobility, health and sport.

The product’s biggest attraction is that it promotes the use of bicycles in a highly innovative, technically advanced way, offering a modern, futuristic approach to the services, in line with 21st century trends and in attraction locations, satisfying the interests of all parties involved.

The street furniture can be customised in so far as its colours, textures and graphics to adapt any advertising message around or on it.

The graphic user interface includes a specific “display” to include dynamic, active and multimedia advertising that is programmed online for different time intervals to reach different segments of the population.
Information for the general public can be entered partially or totally, online and multimedia.  There is enough space on the installation to house up to 9 screens.

The advertising value of the system is further enhanced by the media coverage received when new technologies and new systems of individual, sustainable, ecological city transport are introduced.

All this places b-igloo at the forefront of new specialised advertising trends, making it an excellent means for the introduction of brands in geographical areas.

Where you can install

Without Civil work :

Completely finished, with the closing of polyester resin.
With prefabricated structures:

It can be covered with a landscaped hill or dome. It would even be possible to create a play area on the roof.
Only machinery and system:

Or simply supply you the machinery and installation for integration into another building.

What services offers

The bicycle parking and rental service is set within the framework of new European trends towards enhancing urban mobility, which has been warmly received by citizens and is even helping to change their habits and the means of transport they use.

b-igloo establishes a network system, via “automatic storage” terminals that allow citizens either to collect a rented bicycle to use for a certain time, to deposit one from the same or from another station, or to park their own bicycle. The flexibility of the system, the fact that it is quick to set up or dismantle and remove, guarantee a perfect service that is quite capable of adapting to the needs and requirements of the present and future.

It is the perfect alternative to private motorised transport and complements public transport systems.

The complete system consists of:

  • Control centre.  We offer the possibility of carrying out all the control and management of the network. On specified dates clients receive information on:
    • User registrations and withdrawals on web
    • -History files on uses, frequencies, incidents, etc.
    • -List of deposits and transfers
    • -Flow and demand studies
  • b-igloos. Automated bicycle storage. Possibility of full maintenance 16/24 hours. This includes maintenance tasks for the installation and bicycles, as well as the transfer of bicycles to cope with demand.
  • Bicycles. Designed for city transport, they include all the necessary accessories for safety and for the transport of objects. Identification is carried out via radiofrequency TAC, which facilitates operations and reduces the time of each operation.

With alternative energy sources

The street furniture can be supplied with modular photovoltaic energy receivers. In this case the electromechanical elements can be run on 24 V. DC, thus eliminating the losses that occur with traditional DC/AC/DC converters and endowing the installation with better energy efficiency performance than any other of its type on the market.

This application is particularly suitable for installations set up at temporary events or locations where the power supply is not guaranteed.

Its large top surface area and the space available in its interior for energy storage devices make it capable of meeting the demands of most of the cases studied.

When the installation is connected to mains electricity we convert the bicycle park into a power station – an ideal option for permanent installations and one which can speed up the amortisation of the system through the sale of the power produced.

It is a proven fact that strong winds usually coincide with cloudy skies, and bright sunshine with windless days. By using both solar and wind energy, we can improve coverage to meet our power requirement.

In each case an individual project is developed for each installation, guaranteeing in all cases 15 days autonomy at full working capacity.

Grants are available for the different types of renewable energies and at the present they cover 40% of the investment.

Development, financing and subsidies

The philosophy behind these kinds of actions is based on guidelines for sustainable cities, quality of life and contributing to reductions in polluting gas emissions. Their aim is to offer new, innovative services for cities, to improve environment levels and incorporate new alternatives of transport interchange, promoting and developing non-polluting means of transport.

Throughout this year more than 60 local corporations have promoted and installed systems for the rental of city bicycles, which have been subsidised by their Autonomous Community and various national bodies, as well as by energy institutes and agencies. 


The plans approved by the government from 2006 onwards are of special relevance since they apply measures for non-polluting transport. The objective of these measures is to carry out actions in favour of urban mobility to achieve important changes in the distribution of means of transport, encouraging a greater participation by the most efficient means of transport rather than the use of private vehicles with low occupation and promoting walking and cycling instead of means of transport that require fossil fuels.


Amongst the plans at supranational level are the European framework programmes that include specific sections referring to Sustainable Development, global change and the conservation of ecosystems, in which urban infrastructures which promote the use of non-motorised means of transport are developed and assessed, (key 4 point 4.4.1, 5th FP), as well as the comparative assessment and demonstration of new transport technologies and the corresponding infrastructures, (key 4 point 4.4.2, 5th FP). In these programmes the EU contributes to the financing of activities within the specific programmes, providing grants of between 30% and 50% of the total cost.

www.urbike.net , http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/fp6/pdf/blue_guide_es.pdf

In short, all this places b-igloo and its system in a very favourable position for its development and implementation as the solution with the best outlook for the future and one which is in line with new 21st century trends and approaches.

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